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Pair of front chassis bushes S3 LWB

Pair of front chassis bushes S3 LWB
Price: 17.54 (Ex vat)

21.05 Including VAT at 20%

( inc. VAT at 20%)


Kit comprising 4 half bushes and 2 centre tubes. Equivalent to 2x 577434. 1 kit per vehicle for front chassis bushes.

Application: Series 3 Land Rovers LWB from 1972 to 1984.

Available only in Dynamic Formulation.

More information

Polybush Dynamic:-
Polybush Dynamic is our intermediate hardness grade. It firms up the suspension without the same stiffness as our performance grade.

Polybush Dynamic bushes were recently trialed by a major vehicle manufacturer at the Millbrook Proving Ground. The Polybushes lasted 55,000 cycles. The best rubber equivalent gave up at 15,000 cycles.

Independent trials at a leading shock absorber manufacturer found that Polybushes reacted and sprung back to shape more quickly than rubber. They absorbed shock and protected the metal eye. They also ran 15° cooler - a measure of how much less stress Polybush molecules are under.