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Brake Pad Supersessions

Over the last twenty years Land Rover have kept changing the part numbers on brake pads. 

One reason was the change from asbestos based pads to non-asbestos, but this does not explain all the changes. 
We have been asked to provide a list of these changes or supersessions by a trade customer who tries to keep a good selection of pads in stock. He has found the mass of part numbers very confusing and wanted this list to make sense of it all.
So having done the list we thought our trade customer might not be the only one to find these part numbers confusing. Consequently here is the list for anybody else who might find it of use.

EBC Green Stuff Performance Pads now available from Dingocroft's Digital Dispensary

ModelYearOriginal #1st s/session2nd s/session3rd s/sessionAlternative
or 4th s/s
EBC Performance
Defender 90 frontto approx 1986RTC3163STC9186STC2956ZZDA4153
Defender 90 frontapprox '87 to 'HA'RTC5756STC2951RTC3765STC9191ZZDA4157
Defender 90 frontHA to 'KA'RTC5574STC2952
Defender 90 frontfrom 'LA'STC1275SFP000140SFP000260ZZDA4159
Defender 110 frontto approx 1986RTC3348STC2950
Defender 110 frontfrom '86 to KARTC5574STC2952
Defender 110 frontfrom'LA' to '1A'STC1275SFP000140SFP000260ZZDA4159
Defender 110 frontfrom '2A'SFP000140SFP000260ZZDA4159
Defender 90 rearfrom 'LA' onwardsSTC1276SFP000150SFP000270
Defender 110 rearfrom 'LA' to '2A622423STC1601SFP000160SFP000280ZZDA4185
Defender 110 rearfrom '2A622424SFP000250
R/Rover Classic frontto approx 1985RTC3163STC2956
R/Rover Classic frontfrom 1986 to 'FA'RTC4518STC8568STC9146STC9187ZZDA4153
R/Rover Classic frontfrom 'GA'RTC6781STC8571STC9149STC9190ZZDA4156
R/Rover Classic rearto approx 1985RTC3164STC8569STC9147STC9188SFP500190ZZDA4154
R/Rover Classic rearfrom 1986 to 1995RTC6591STC8570STC9148STC9189SFP500200ZZDA4155
R/Rover 38A frontfrom 1995STC1880STC3195STC3685SFP100460ZZDA4149
R/Rover 38A rearfrom 1995STC1879STC3684SFP100470SFP500130ZZDA4150
R/Rover Gen3 frontto '4A'SFC000010SFC500050
R/Rover Gen3 frontfrom '5A' except S/CSFP500010
R/Rover Gen3 frontfrom '5A' superchargedSFP500070
R/Rover Gen3 rearto '5A'SFP000120
R/Rover Gen3 rearfrom '6A'SFP500021SFP500022SFP500140
R/Rover Sport front2 pot calipersSFP500010
R/Rover Sport front4 pot calipersSFP500070
R/Rover Sport rearSFP500021SFP500022SFP500140
Discovery 1 frontto 'KA034313'STC8568STC9146STC9187ZZDA4153
Discovery 1 frontvented discsSTC8571STC9149STC9190SFP500180ZZDA4156
Discovery 1 frontfrom KA034314' solidSTC8572STC9150STC9191ZZDA4157
Discovery 1 rearwith sensorSTC8570STC9148STC9189SFP500200ZZDA4155
Discovery 1 rearwithout sensorSTC8569STC9147STC9188SFP500190ZZDA4154
Discovery 2 frontSFP100480SFP000210SFP500150
Discovery 2 rearSFP100490SFP100470SFP500130
Discovery 3 frontSFP500010
Discovery 3 rearSFP500021SFP500022SFP500140
Freelander 1 frontto YA999999SFP100360
Freelander 1 frontfrom '1A' to '5A'SFP000010SFP000020
Freelander 1 frontfrom '6A'SFP500100
Freelander 2 frontLR004936
Freelander 2 rear2.2 dieselLR003657
Freelander 2 rear3.2 petrolLR003655