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Gasket Set for Series Gearboxes

Gasket Set for Series Gearboxes


Application: Series 1, Series 2 & 3 with 4 or 6 cylinder engines.
Description: Set of replacement gaskets for main and transfer gearboxes. Does NOT include seals.
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Sealing Ring Water Pump to Cylinder Head

Sealing Ring Water Pump to Cylinder Head


Application: Series 1 1.6ltr & 2.0Ltr and Series 2A/3 2.6ltr petrol engines.
Description: Thick rubber sealing ring between water pump and cylinder head.
Approximate dimensions: internal diameter 13mm (1/2"), outside diameter 24mm (0.95"), thickness 5.3mm (0.2")
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Spigot Bush

Spigot Bush


Application: All 4 and 6 cylinder engines fitted to Series 1, 2 & 3. Also 200 & 300TDi fitted to Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. Also TD5 models. In addition Series 1, 2 and 3 transfer box.

Description: Bronze bush fitted to rear of crankshaft to take nose of first motion shaft of gearbox. Also used as bush between front output shaft and rear output shaft in Series transfer boxes (not 109V8).
Original part number 8566 and 8566L.

Approximate dimensions: Outside diameter 1 1/16"(27mm), inside diameter 7/8"(22mm), length 0.84"(21.4mm)
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Oil Seal Set for Gearbox

Oil Seal Set for Gearbox


Application: Series 1, 2 & 3 with 4 or 6 cylinder engine.
Description: Set of oil seals and 'O' rings for main and transfer gearboxes. Includes seals for selector shafts.
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Injector Remover TD5

Injector Remover TD5


Application: TD5 diesel engine as fitted to Defender and Discovery2.
Description: Slide hammer type remover for injectors

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Black High Tension Lead, Copper Cored

Black High Tension Lead, Copper Cored


Application: Series One and Series Two
Description: Black high tension cable for spark plugs. 7mm(0.28") outside diameter with 19 strand copper core.

Sold by the metre
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Pack of 10 7/16" BSF Nyloc Nuts

Pack of 10 7/16


Pack of ten 7/16" BSF nyloc nuts, 45/64"(17.8mm) across flats, 0.52"(13.2mm) high.
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Copper Ring Water Pump to Thermostat Housing

Copper Ring Water Pump to Thermostat Housing


Application: Series One with 1.6 or 2 litre petrol engine. Series Two with 2 litre petrol engine.
Description: Copper ring to support 'O' ring between water pump and thermostat housing.
Approximate dimensions: outside diameter 16mm(0.63"), inside diameter 11mm(0.43"), height 7.5mm(0.3")
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Recommended Lubricants

Our revised lists are now spread over several pages, so please follow the relevant link for your model.  

Dingocroft stocks Penrite Oils, Comma Oils and Land Rover branded oils where available.

See below for lubrication of minor components and further information on Penrite Oils.

 Follow the links for 
Series 1 to 3
1948  to 1984 
1983 onwards 
Range Rover Classic
1972 to 1994
Range Rover 38A 1995 to 2001 
Range Rover Generation 3 2002 onwards 
Range Rover Sport 2005 onwards
Discovery 1 1989 to 1998 
Discovery 2 1998 to 2004 
Discovery 3 2005 onwards 
Freelander 1 1998 to 2007 
Freelander 2 2007 onwards

Minor Components

Steering Box and Relay: Steering Box Lube
Swivel Joints: Semi Fluid Grease 
Propshaft UJ's and Sliding Joints:High Melt Grease
Ball Joints:Graphite Grease

Penrite notes for lubrication recommendations- 1920-1970


Original recommendations used to specify both a summer and winter grade.

The Penrite listing is based on climatic conditions up to 25 degrees C.

For conditions greater than 25 degrees C, a heavier oil may be substituted.

This may also depend on the condition of the engine (See Engine).

Oil recommendations assume engines are in good mechanical condition.

For engines that are worn or are suffering from oil consumption problems, a grade heavier than that listed may be used. (If a heavier grade is being used, then it may be necessary to re-adjust the oil pressure release valve).

For engines that have run on non detergent type oils the Shelsley equivalent of the listed grade may be used. This oil may also be used in vehicles that have a total loss oiling system.

Classic 20w/50 engine oil is available for vehicles of the 1960's and 1970's that may not necessarily need the high performance characteristics of HPR 20w/60.

A semi synthetic HPR 15w/60 multigrade is available for late model multivalve, multicam, computer managed engines. For 'modern classics' requiring a fully synthetic oil use Penrite Classic Full Synthetic 10w/50.


Gear box oil 30 and 40 are designed for use in manual, overdrive and pre-selector gear boxes, replacing engine oils which were used extensively during the fifties and sixties.

Like engine oils, the grade listed covers climatic conditions up to 25 degrees C, and where a 40 weight is specified, is due to peculiarities of the gear box fitted. Modern strength EP (Extreme Pressure) gear oils are not recommended for gear boxes covering this period.


For vintage vehicles up to the early thirties, straight gear oils of GL1 type /performance (eg: Transoil 90) are recommended. Climate and wear conditions can determine grade used.

From the thirties through to mid 1960, MILD EP is recommended where a GL3 type oil is specified.

Post 1960 vehicles which call for an EP90 type gear oil, the Penrite equivalent is Hypoid 80w/90.

For vehicles subjected to temperatures in excess of 25 degrees C, or that are showing signs of extreme wear, then Hypoid 85w/140 may be used as an alternative to Hypoid 80w/90.

Use Limslip 85w/140 for Limited Slip Differentials.


For vintage type steering boxes (worm and wheel) use Steering Box Lube.

For rack and pinion type steering, use MILD EP.


Cooling Systems:               Use corrosion inhibitor for all year use. May also be used to enhance anti-corrosion properties of proprietary anti-freeze.

Carb Dashpots:                                  For non-damped SU carbs use Carburettor Dash Pot Oil.

                                                               For damped SU carbs use Carburettor Damper Oil.

Leaf Springs:                                       Use a penetrating oil or engine oil.Graphite Grease may also                                                              be used between the leaves during assembly.

Handbrake Cables:                             Use Graphite Grease.

Shackle Pins:                                      Use Graphite Grease.

Wheel Hubs:                                       Use High Melt Bearing Grease.

Water Pump:                                       Use Water Pump Grease.

Prop Shaft Universal Joints:               Use Graphite Grease.

Prop Shaft Sliding Joints:                    Use High Melt Bearing Grease.

Grease Nipples:                                 Use Graphite Grease.

Shock Absorbers-Piston:                  Use Shock Oil 1 or Shock Oil 2 for fast road and competition use.

Shock Absorbers-Vane:                     Use Transoil 140 in Luvax vane type shock absorbers.

Long Term Lay Up:                         Use Storage Protection Supplement.

Engine Build Up Protection:               Use Camshaft Assembly Lube.

General Chassis Lubrication:               Use Semi-Fluid Grease.

Automatic Chassis Lubrication:               Use Transoil 90 in Luvax-Bijur one shot systems.


"Information supplied is issued in good faith but Penrite Oil Company Ltd cannot be held responsible for effects arising."

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Radiator Support Panel 2A Suffix A

Radiator Support Panel 2A Suffix A


Application: Series 2 and Series 2A to chassis suffix 'A'.

Description: Reproduction radiator support panel for 5" diameter headlamps.

Approximate dimensions: 31"(79cm) wide, 19.25"(49cm) high, 6.5"(16.5cm) deep.

Original part number: 330950

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Chassis Front Dumbiron Right Hand

Chassis Front Dumbiron Right Hand


pplication: Series 1 1954 to 1958.

Description: Reproduction chassis front dumb iron right hand. Made from 2.5mm thick steel for box and 3.8mm thick hanger plates.

Approximate dimensions: Overall length 47cm

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Chassis Front Dumbiron Left Hand

Chassis Front Dumbiron Left Hand


Application: Series 1 1954 to 1958.

Description: Reproduction chassis front dumb iron left hand. Made from 2.5mm thick steel for box and 3.8mm thick hanger plates.

Approximate dimensions: Overall length 47cm

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Brush Set for Starter Motor

Brush Set for Starter Motor


Application: Series 1 and Series 2 petrol starter motor.

Description: Pair of brushes for starter motor.

Approximate dimensions: Each brush is 19mm(3/4") x 14mm(0.55") x 9mm(0.35") with lead of 95mm(3.75")

Alternative part numbers: LU255659, GSB103.

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Brush Set for Dynamo

Brush Set for Dynamo


Application: Series 1 1948 to 1958, Series 2 1958 to 1960.

Description: Pair of brushes for ucas C39 dynamo.

Approximate dimensions: Each brush is 19mm(3/4") x 16mm(5/8") x 6.5mm1/4"). Lead is 50mm(2") long.

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Heater Hose

Heater Hose


Application: Series I and Series 2 1948 to 1967 when fitted with heater.

Description: Replacement heater hose.

Approximate dimensions: Internal diameter 7/16"(11.5mm), outside diameter 21mm(0.8"), overall length 124mm(4.9").

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