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Freelander 2 (LR2)

Here below is our Recommended Lubricants List. We list the Land Rover specification together with Land Rover part numbers where available. Also we offer the Comma Oils alternatives. 

Dingocroft stocks Penrite Oils, Comma Oils and Land Rover branded oils where available.

This page covers Freelander 2 2006 onwards. 
Follow the links for Series 1 to 3, Defender, Range Rover ClassicRange Rover 2 - 38A, Range Rover 3, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 1Discovery 2Discovery 3 and Freelander 1.

Freelander 2 (LR2) 2006 onwards 
Component Capacity Specification L/Rover  Comma Oils
Engine inline 6 3.2L petrol refill 7.7L (8.2 US quarts)
dry fill 9.3L (9.8 US quarts)
0W30 - AEA A5/B5 LR007129 - 1L
LR007130 - 4L
Pro-Tech 5W30  PTC5L
Engine inline 4 2.2L diesel refill 5.9L (6.2 US quarts)
from dry 6.5L (6.9 US quarts)
5W30 - WSS-M2C913-B STC50527 - 1L
STC50528 - 5L
Manual gearbox 2L (2.1 US quarts) Castrol MTF97309 LR006247 - 1L  
Automatic gearbox  7L (7.5 US quarts) Esso JWS3309 US LR002748 - 1L  
Transfer box inc front differential 0.75L (0.8 US quarts) Castrol BOT 118 Plus LR003137 - 1L  
Active on-demand coupling (viscous unit) 0.65L (1.4 US pints) SATA OIL SL01-301 LR003136 - 300ML  
Rear differential  0.7L (1.5 US pints) Castrol EPX 80W90 LR003156  
Power steering reservoir Petrol 1.2L (2.5 US pints)
Diesel 1.0 (2.1 US pints)
Pentosin - WSS- M2C204-A2 LR003401 - 1L  
Cooling system from dry inc reservoir tank 8.0l (8.5 US quarts) 50% mix water with antifreeze Texaco XLC STC50529 - 1L
STC508530 - 5L
SLA Super Longlife Antifreeze
Air conditioning compressor 0.11L (0.23 US pints) Nippon-Denso ND-oil 8    

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